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From Ad Groups to Ad Placement How to Setup Your First Ad
Written by Jeff Abele
Updated 4 years ago

The ability to sell your own ads and publish them in your app is a huge opportunity to offset much or all of the cost of the app. You can create separate ad groups for your event pages, list pages, map pages, and Custom Pages.

  1. Create an Ad Group Ads -> Manage Ad Groups
    The first step is to create an ad group that can house one or multiple ads. You can name the ad group whatever non-public name you would like as the name is only to refer to the different group in the admin. Some users put all ads into a single ad group. Others create a different ad group for each page and may label the ad group as the page name. You will also need to select an Ad Format of either Banner Ad or Full-Page ads. In almost all cases you will select banner ad as full-page ad is a very specific use case that most apps will not need. Finally, some apps may have the option to choose Random or Set Order for their ad group. The default behavior is Random but sometimes you may have a reason to always have your ads show in the exact same order within a group (if it is part of a series for example).
  2. Create an Ad Ads -> Manage Ads
    Once you have at least one ad group created you can create an ad. This ad can be almost any size but if you are creating a banner ad we recommend you create it at the traditional banner ad size of 728x90. Because these ad graphics only get pulled down in real-time it is essential that they be as small as possible. Once you have selected ‘Add Ad’ you can give the ad a name (used in admin only), assign an ad group, and give a URL for the ad click to go to. At this time you cannot make an ad click through to an internal page (an event for example). Finally, you set the amount of time the ad should show for. If the ad is the only one in an ad group it will always stay showing. If it is rotating between multiple ads it will show for that amount of time.
  3. Place Your Ad Ads -> Manage Ad Placement
    Assuming you have an ad group and ad setup, now you are ready to designate the page that should show your ad group. From the Ads menu item go to Manage Ad Placement and select the ad group that should be associated with each page. If a page should not show an ad just leave it marked as ‘No Ads’.
    Depending on your package and app version you may have access to place your ads in the area between the dates and filters on multi-day calendars (see middle example on right). If you do not have access to this, your default location is at the bottom of the calendar page.
  4. Update to the App
    When you are ready to go or just want to test out your progress hit the ‘Update to App’ button in the top right of the Manage page.
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