Collect Data on Reward Redemption

Gather valuable demographic info by requiring form completion before redemption
Written by Jeff Abele
Updated 4 years ago

Sometimes you might want to collect information about the users who are redeeming your coupons. If you have a Gold or higher package you can now tie a form to the redemption of your coupon or reward. Your app users will be required to fill out your form before they get the redemption message on the reward.

Here are some sample use cases for this feature:

  • You have a coupon worth $15 off a $30 purchase and want to require collection of the user's email before redeeming this coupon since it is of such high value.
  • You had a scavenger hunt where all users who complete it are entered into a contest where one winner will be randomly drawn for a large prize. In this case you would have a coupon that could only be unlocked upon completion of the scavenger hunt.

To setup this feature you will first need to create a form in the Survey/Form area of the Grandstand Admin. It could be as simple as a one-question form with the field 'Email Address'.

Once the form is setup you can add that form to as many coupons as you would like. This is done in the individual reward/coupon setup as you can see below:

Please note that you will need to make sure and update the Rewards to the App as well as the Surveys/Forms to the App.

In cases where you want to collect data from a scavenger hunt completion you can tie these items together like this:

  1. Setup the form you want the user to complete.
  2. Setup a reward that will be unlocked upon completion of the scavenger hunt. This reward can be shown in the general coupons as well as a way to promote the scavenger hunt. Make sure and tie the form from Step 1 into this reward/coupon.
  3. Setup a scavenger hunt where the reward/coupon setup in Step 2 is used.

There are a lot of great uses for this powerful tool. Let us know what you build!

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