Rollover App Content for a New Year

Grandstand has options to make the next year's event even easier to setup.
Written by Jeff Abele
Updated 4 years ago

The natural lifecycle of your app means there will be a time when you are ready to start prepping for the next event. Some partners choose to do this weeks after their event and some wait until just a few months before the next year's event. Whatever way you choose we can help make this rollover process easier for you. Here are some things you can request of us to make the process smoother:


  • If you have an event that takes place the same week/weekend every year we can rollover your schedule for the next year by copying all events for a particular calendar group to the next year. We can even automatically alter the dates to keep the same days of the week (for example Saturday, August 10, 2019 would get mapped to Saturday, August 8, 2020).
    Request: Event Rollover with Auto-Date (include calendar group name)
  • Alternatively you can request that we archive and delete all events from a particular calendar group which will hide them in the Admin. This is the best method if your plan is to just batch upload new content.
    Request: Archive Calendar Group (include calendar group name)


  • Similar to the schedule we can do a mass archiving of your previous year's list items on a list-by-list basis. For example, you may have different vendors each year and request that the 2019 Vendors be archived, clearing the way for your future 2020 Vendors Batch Upload.
    Request: Archive List Group (include list group name)


  • For most users the map is not something they want to start from scratch on. Depending on your package we can remove all locations tied to a specific map or a specific map tag. Please keep in mind that any batch uploading for lists or events that includes location names must match the name exactly or the batch upload will fail. So start your new setup each year by making sure you have the right map setup.
    Request: Delete Locations from Single Map (include map name)
    Request: Delete Locations of Specific Map Tag (include map tag name)


  • Grandstand can do a batch archive or deletion of all your expired coupons. Similar to events we can also manually move the dates up for the next year (see calendar/schedule info above for more info).
    Request: Archive all Expired Coupons
    Request: Rollover all Coupons with Auto-Date


  • Because scavenger hunts keep track of your correct stops it is essential that you start a new scavenger hunt for the next event. Never reuse scavenger hunts that users may have already started at previous events. Even if you are keeping the stops the same it is essential that you start with a clean and empty scavenger hunt each time.
    We encourage you to leave the old Scavenger Hunt as you may need to get to it for comparison or reference in the future.


  • Your photo filters may include logos from previous events or have a date on them so please check if there is anything on those that may need replaced.
    You can always mark old photo filters as inactive if you would like to reuse them in the future.


  • Surveys are usually tied to specific events or years so it is typically recommended that you start a new survey each time and it is essential that you start a new survey if your current survey was limited to a single response per app user. Even if you are keeping the survey questions the same between years we recommend starting from scratch each year.
    We encourage you to leave the old Surveys and Forms as you may need to get to it for comparison or reference in the future. These are also how you get to past data collected for those surveys and forms.


  • Finally make sure all of your agreements are updated in the App Stores. Google Play rarely has agreements to accept but Apple has new agreements every 3-4 months so please make sure all of those are accepted to streamline new submissions on our end.

If you would like help on any of the above items please let your Grandstand representative know. Provide as many specifics as possible to make the process go smooth heading into the new year.

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