Finding Social & News Feeds

Easily Add Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & More to Your App
Written by Jeff Abele
Updated 4 years ago

With Grandstand's new Social & News tools you can paste in feeds from many different sources. Here is a collection of links for you to emulate based on your event, business or organization:

Facebook - Your public Facebook feed

Instagram (Username) - Your public Instagram feed

Instagram (Hashtag) - Any public Instagram posts using that hashtag. Add hashtag word after /tags/

Twitter (Username) - Your public Twitter feed
@grandstandapps (Do not include full URL)

Twitter (Hashtag) - Any public Tweets using that hashtag
#events (Do not include full URL)

YouTube - Your public YouTube channel feed

MailChimp - Newsletters organized chronologically that have been sent on MailChimp. To get the feed click 'View this email in your browser' on one of the emails and then hit RSS in the top right corner

WordPress - Get a feed from a set category (add /feed/ to end of your URL)

Blogger - Get a feed from a set category (add /feeds/posts/default to end of your URL)

Medium - Get a feed from a publication's name (add /feed/ before the publication's name

Squarespace Blog - Add ?format=rss to the end of your page to get the RSS feed for that page.

Other Site RSS - Don't have one of the options above but want to check if you have RSS abilities. Simply check the web page's source code and search for 'rss' or 'atom' in the resulting source code. Look for a resulting RSS url.

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