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Feeds & Collections Keeping Your App Updated Easy
Written by Jeff Abele
Updated 4 years ago

Grandstand is focused on making it easy for our partners to keep their apps updated. With the new Social & News tools available in the admin this is now easier than ever. Launched in late 2019, the new Social & News gives you the power to stylize Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and RSS Feeds in your app.

These go way beyond simply opening up a webview and showing the web version of these platforms. With Grandstand you have the ability to display your content posted to these platforms in your own branding and style.

Setup for each of these pages couldn't be easier. To get started go to Social & News Settings and click Add Social/News. On the popup, enter a Title. The title is used as an internal reference name but is also used on the tab if you are using News/Social Collections. For Type of Feed you will choose the social or news source. URL will be the full URL of Facebook, YouTube, RSS Feed, or Instagram. For Twitter you will just use a username or hashtag and not the full URL. To learn how to get the URL for each of these sources check out this help article.

Finally, you can choose a Layout Type that will affect how the photos are shown. For Instagram and YouTube the preferred layout type is Full-Width. For all others we would recommend the Thumbnail Display.


Collections give you a way to show lots of different feeds on a single tabbed page. Available in Gold or Platinum packages, collections are easy to setup from your list of available feeds.

To setup a collection simply select Add Social/News Collection and then add a name and select a feed for each tab. You are limited to 4 tabs but must use at least 2.

Social & News Collections are a powerful new way to showcase your content to your app users, without having to manually update it yourself.

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